Supplementary clinical trial solutions

Oximio launches new services to support sites and investigators affected by the war in Ukraine

Drug accountability and reconciliation
  • Recounted and verified returns
  • Once collected, returns are recounted at our depot to drug level
  • Fully trained employees provided with access to necessary equipment
Clinical trial storage archive 
  • Transportation and secure storage of site archive data
  • Material stored in GxP compliant, temperature-controlled environments
  • Stored within guarded, secure depots in central or Western Ukraine
Clinical research printing
  • One-stop printing service
  • Includes printing of items such as study newsletters, patient booklets and monitoring plans
  • Direct deliveries of training materials to clinical sites​

Drug accountability and reconciliation: the process 

Process description: 
  1. Sponsor/site/CRO requests return of the product
  2. We collect the shipment from the site and delivers it to one of our depots
  3. Product is verified at drug level and according to sponsor requirement
  4. Verified return documentation, confirming the quantity of returned tablets, capsules, vials or other products is produced

Clinical trial archive storage: the process

Process description:

  1. Sponsor/site/CRO requests transfer and off-site storage of the site archive
  2. We establishe storage requirements, in collaboration with client
  3. Archive is collected from the site, and delivered to an Oximio depot
  4. Verification at box level (unless otherwise agreed) is performed
  5. Archive is stored in temperature-controlled conditions
  6. Archive is returned to site for audit or monitoring purposes, as required

Clinical research printing: the process

Process description:
  1. Request from sponsor/site/CRO to print materials relating to the study (materials include, but are not limited to: newsletters, investigator folders, regulatory binders, protocols, subject cards, patient booklets, study reference manuals, ID cards, eCRF completion guidelines, monitoring plan)
  2. We gather design, layout and quantity requirements
  3. Order is fulfilled
  4. We deliver materials to clinical sites

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