Maximise the opportunity to maintain trials and patient treatment in Ukraine

Oximio is the first clinical trial service provider to resume end-to-end operations in Ukraine, successfully conducting shipments of IMP and supplies to clinical sites and patients across the country.
We continue to create service solutions to meet the emerging needs of studies and patients impacted by the war, and well as maintaining established clinical trial logistics services.

Ensuring the continuity of patient treatment and data collection is essential to progress clinical trials in Ukraine, to contribute to overall product commercialization goals. Achieving this in a country at war and operating under martial law is a significant challenge. In partnership with our clients, we have developed extended services to reach more patients and sites safely and efficiently, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards. 

These services are designed to broaden patient access to treatment, whether that’s by delivering IMP to additional clinical trial sites or setting up patient travel and direct-to-patient schemes. Equally, these approaches can maximize sponsor and CRO access to patients, to support trial participation.



Service extension in Ukraine

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Bio-sample logistics and export

Our bio-sample management shipment service delivers efficiency and control for the collection and return of your biological samples, while minimising risks to safety against regulatory standards.

IoR Activity and Bulk shipments via an Oximio Depot

Through our Importer of Records capabilities and in-house local regulatory experts, we help clients navigate potential distribution issues considering temperature needs and monitoring during transit.

Patient travel solutions (including to sites outside Ukraine)

Oximio supports patients to continue their trials through taxi and transport services, and with the provision of accommodation and food.

Home Healthcare (HHC) solutions 

Our dedicated home healthcare solution makes participation in a clinical trial as easy as possible for patients. Our qualified local nurses will visit a patient’s home or other convenient location.

Direct to Site Solution

We offer Direct-to-patient remote drug delivery – a decentralized clinical trial approach that allows for an investigational drug to be sent directly to the trial participant.

Supplementary site services

Oximio can support sites and investigators to focus on their patients