Adaptive Logistics for Advanced Therapy

Given the high complexity and diversity level of cell and gene manufacturing strategies, as well as the variety of cell and gene therapy clinical uses, it is often essential to develop dedicated logistics strategies. Thus we can ensure the successful and safe product delivery, at the most optimized cost.

Via our deep understanding of the challenges and our established global network, we create adaptive logistics solutions for your specific needs – integrating specifically designed solutions into one precise supply chain.

Understanding that there is no room for error, our validated and robust cold chain ensures safe and on-time delivery to the patient, exactly when and where the drug is needed. At any time, we will ensure the safety of the drug, while constantly optimizing and standardizing the activity to the extent possible, thus reducing the associated costs.

Our agility in adapting the logistics design, our thoroughly validated cold chain and robust supply chain are key to the impeccable advanced therapy delivery track record across our network.

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