Patient Travel

Patient Transport

Our pre-planned, non-emergency taxi service is available for patients having difficulties travelling to the site of the trials. We are able to arrange collection of the patient within an hour with high punctuality, offering a comfortable and safe trip with a modern vehicle fleet. Our trained escort will assist the patient to the clinical site during the visit, and back home.

Taxi Services:

Full geographical coverage on country level
Just-in-time car feeding
Mileage: Specialized maps for round-trip tracking indicating subject pickup address and study site location
24/7 patient support
Route tracking

Air and train travel:

Organization of difficult trips carried out by different types of transport
Back-up service providers in each region
24/7 customer support
Bedridden patients

Patient Food

We organise nutritional food for patients to assure the sponsors’ confidence. Timely and proper support for the participants as well as care for their health, which is an extremely important component of each project. All meals are delivered in special hygienic boxes at the required temperature to the required location.

We can provide support for food or supplement requirement during your clinical trial from start to finish. Preparation, portion, assemble, serving and delivering meals to patients, either at their home or clinical site.

Our team of experts combine their understanding of the regulatory requirements for a healthy and nutrient-enriched meal.

Patient Accommodation

Distance from the clinical site, long and early visits are stressful for the patients and often become the reason for not only leaving of the clinical trial, but also a barrier of participation in the clinical trial at all.

Our team offers accommodation at a hotel near the site of the trial, strongly keeping in mind cost and value-for-money.

By providing the opportunity for patients to have a comfortable rest, to arrive the previous night before an early visit may help to adapt for treatment and ensure patients retention during the clinical trial.

Our guiding principles are:
Convenient location from the clinical site
Comfortable rooms with private facilities and possibility of luggage storage
Meals service at the hotel (special meals (diet) for the patients can be provided on request)
Patient’s confidentiality

Services we provide:

Availability check
Transparent financial reporting
Booking engine
Consistent personalized service