Patient Outreach

We ensure the right drug is delivered to the right patient at the right time. We achieve that by offering a variety of services, utilizing our deep knowledge and understanding of the global and local regulations, culture, challenges and solutions.

Expanded Access Programs

Providing access to non-registered medicinal products outside of a clinical trial can be essential for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes, patients who are very severely ill may receive regulatory approvals to be treated with such drugs. Such provision of medicinal products is sometimes referred to as post-trial access or compassionate use.

We are able to quickly tailor effective solutions and manage to provide non-registered drugs to patients all across our network. Relying on years of experience and well- established processes, we can analyze any need and offer the most cost effective and compliant solution to make sure the patient receives the drugs on time and safely.


Delivering medicinal products to the patient’s home is becoming a common logistics method. In a complex regulatory landscape, our global and local experts provide consult on how to arrange home delivery to patients while ensuring complete compliance.

Our network of cars and fully trained drivers, experienced specifically in DtP deliveries, ensures a risk-free delivery.