Clinical Trial Logistics

Our supply chain is designed to address the challenges of complex multinational clinical trials requiring rapid access to patients in Eastern Europe, Balkan States, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Since 2004 we are supporting sponsors, CMOs and CROs looking to extend their studies to new regions, implement adaptive trial or patient-centricity concept into their clinical supply strategies.

Oximio clinical trial logistic service is an integrated solution for:

  • Clinical trial supplies including investigational and non-investigational medical products;

  • Ancillary supplies, including medical devices, equipment, and documents;

  • Laboratory logistics, including lab kit assembly and bio-samples management;

Tailored supply solutions for:

Oximio - The Chain
Investigational Medicinal Products
Concomitant Therapy Products
Ancillary Supplies
Medical Equipment
Biological Samples
Our proactive project management team ensures quality procedures and deals with complications, changes and any unexpected issues that arise during the conduct of the trial.

We tailor and optimize clinical trial supply chain via variability of logistics schemes, own GMP Depot Network and process intelligence, ensuring supply to the right place, in the right quantity, at the right time and within optimal budget.

Our Depot Network offers you global reach to patients:






Partner Depot Belarus

Partner Depot Moldova

Partner Depot Bosnia&Hercegovina

Partner Depot North Macedonia

North America

Partner Depot United States

Partner Depot Canada

Middle East



Partner Depot Lebanon

Partner Depot Egypt


Partner Depot India

Partner Depot China

Partner Depot Australia

Service Offerings built on local expertise: 

Clinical Trials
Project Management

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