Oximio’s transport coverage in Ukraine. View the latest map here.


Update 13.10.22

Our colleagues continue to work onsite at the depots, processing imports, inbounds and outbounds. Note that our operations will be closed tomorrow, on Friday 14 October, as it is a public holiday in Ukraine.


Update 12.10.22

 We have resumed our operations in Ukraine today. Colleagues are working onsite at the depots, processing inbound shipments. Outbound shipments are planned from tomorrow, prioritising the most urgent deliveries.

Note it is a public holiday in Ukraine on Friday, 14 October, so our operations will be closed on that day.

Our depots and your inventory remain intact, and temperature control is in place through mains electricity with the generators fully stocked as a backup, if required. Our Oximio team are all safe and accounted for.


Update 11.10.22

Oximio’s depot and courier operations remain suspended today (Tuesday 11 October) due to ongoing air raid sirens and government advice to remain in places of safety.

Our warehouses in Kyiv and Lviv regions are safe, and temperature control is maintained. There have been scheduled interruptions to mains electricity but our generators are in place, and fully stocked with fuel. Our colleagues are safe at home, or in shelters.


Update 10.10.22

Oximio’s depot and transport operations are suspended today due to the airstrikes in Ukraine. Our warehouses in Krushynka (Kyiv region) and Brody (Lviv region) are unaffected, inventory remains secure and temperature control is maintained.

Our Oximio colleagues remain at home or in other sheltered locations.


Update 25.03.22

Planned shipments to sites in Kyiv region, and Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa, Ivano-Frankovsk, Lviv and Chernivtsi were successfully delivered this week. Please note that there are ongoing curfews, which can affect shipment timings. Your project manager will be in contact with you if your deliveries are affected.


Update 21.03.22

A curfew has been imposed for Kyiv and Kyiv region from Monday, 21 March at 8pm to Wednesday, 23 March at 7am. As such, shipments planned for these days will be delayed.

Your project manager will confirm updated details with you.


Update 18.03.22

We’re incredibly pleased to share the update that Oximio will resume limited operations at our depot in the Kyiv region, with the first deliveries to sites planned for Monday, 21 March. Our ability to provide these services is due to the dedication and courage of our colleagues in Ukraine. We are immensely grateful for their focus on patients and customer service, to enable Oximio to act as an essential link in the clinical study lifecycle, even during this very difficult time of war.

We are developing plans with the knowledge that previously established supply chains and logistics models are no longer feasible, given the destruction of infrastructure, stock limitations, and most importantly, as we prioritize peoples’ physical safety.

The services that we are offering include warehousing and distribution. We are also open to discuss direct-to-patient transport, alternative storage solutions and the possibility of alternative importation schemes. We are also mindful of the requirement to support your patients who have been displaced internally, or who have fled the country.  Our plans are subject to change daily, given the rapidly evolving situation in Ukraine. The safety of our colleagues and any transport routes they use is always our priority.

We are having discussions with our clients about our strategy in Ukraine, new operational models and contract management. If we haven’t already spoken, or don’t have a call diarised please email arrange a time with your key account manager. If you haven’t spoken with Oximio previously, but are interested to find out more, pleas also use the email address below.

E: communications@oximio.com  

For existing clients with new logistics requests, ongoing operations and quality queries please contact the project management team.

E: Project.team@oximio.com