As Oximio patient centricity services continue to expand, we are delighted to announce that the first home healthcare visit in Israel took place week commencing 9th of January 2023.

Clinical trials logistics, Clinical trials logistics in Israel

The services allow for the nurses to collect the bio-samples from the patients’ home to be transported to the relevant laboratory.  To support the transportation of the bio-samples the Oximio team in Israel can provide speedily solutions to deliver the samples to the final destination.

 We are proud of our commitment, integrity and awareness as we continue to partner with our clients, support patients and grow Oximio’s role as an international clinical trial services provider.


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Oximio is a clinical trial services provider contributing to research to find effective treatment and cures for all living beings globally. Oximio works hard to convert the ever-changing face of investigational medical products into new medicines, bringing over 17 years of service excellence to the clinical trial industry. The company directly connects to several patient communities of over 500 million people by being present in the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. Oximio’s large and loyal client base ranges from start-ups to major international organizations, pharmaceutical and R&D companies. Oximio is in the front line of servicing clinical trials with own warehouses and, through licensed partner sites, offers an end-to-end cold-chain control system in all premises. By combining its’ ‘best-in-class’ depot network with a highly experienced and qualified workforce, Oximio is thoroughly conversant with both global and local procedures for clinical trials, ensuring the highest standards of operation. Oximio has the following capabilities: supply planning and consulting, comparator sourcing, patient centricity, advanced therapy solutions, import & export regulations, relabelling, warehousing, distribution and courier services, return & destruction.

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