We are delighted to announce that Oximio Ukraine is represented at the Clinical Trials Subcommittee (CTS) Executive Board at the European Business Association (EBA).

Established in 1999, the EBA provides a forum in which members can discuss and find solutions to common problems affecting business in Ukraine.  This initiative was initially supported by the European Commission and has grown to become one of the largest and most influential business communities in the country.

There are many subcommittees of the EBA and one of these is the Clinical Trial Services (CTS) subcommittee. The CTS is focused on the conduct of clinical trials in Ukraine and furthermore the harmonisation of the regulatory groups by cooperating with the state health authorities.

Given the importance of various logistical challenges during the war in Ukraine, the CTS Board decided to include an additional member of the Board, a representative of a CTS logistics company. This CTS board member shall discuss and oversee the difficulties of the provision of logistics.

As a result of the voting, Olga Vizgalova, Oximio MD Ukraine, has been chosen as the additional member of the CTS subcommittee Board with a focus on logistics.

Mykola Nikolaiev, CEO of Oximio commented, “This accomplishment demonstrates the recognition and importance of Oximio by the EBA.  This is a great achievement to represent Ukraine and to help the EBA to understand the challenges faced in the clinical trials and health care communities”.

Olga Vizgalova

Olga Vizgalova, Managing Director Oximio Ukraine

About Oximio

Oximio is a clinical trial services provider contributing to research to find effective treatment and cures for all living beings globally. Oximio works hard to convert the ever-changing face of investigational medical products into new medicines, bringing over 17 years of service excellence to the clinical trial industry. The company directly connects to several patient communities of over 500 million people by being present in the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. Oximio’s large and loyal client base ranges from start-ups to major international organizations, pharmaceutical and R&D companies. Oximio is in the front line of servicing clinical trials with own warehouses and, through licensed partner sites, offers an end-to-end cold-chain control system in all premises. By combining its’ ‘best-in-class’ depot network with a highly experienced and qualified workforce, Oximio is thoroughly conversant with both global and local procedures for clinical trials, ensuring the highest standards of operation. Oximio has the following capabilities: supply planning and consulting, comparator sourcing, patient centricity, advanced therapy solutions, import & export regulations, relabelling, warehousing, distribution and courier services, return & destruction.