Over the past two years, Oximio’s operations have been affected by a combination of two factors: organic growth and geographic expansion.

Significant organizational expansion has necessitated a comprehensive reconstruction of the human resources area – as part of our digitization strategy. We aimed to globalize and modernize the way we work in alignment with our customers’ needs.

Selecting the right HR software

We selected Cornerstone to partner with on the digitalization journey in parallel to redesigning the HR processes. We started with the implementation of the core module according to rapid methodology. Due to the incomplete employee data, we created a well-structured global database that provides accurate data for ERP systems, on which further developments were built. We then introduced the performance management, learning, and recruitment modules in eight-week periods.

Using the new Learning platform, we can now easily conduct and monitor compliance and quality trainings. High quality is a key expectation in the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, it was important to create a flexible learning culture, so colleagues can learn anything, anytime, anywhere. The e-learning platform offers more than 3,000 online learning materials that have helped us accelerate our training and self-education processes. We then introduced the compensation and the employee engagement modules. The latter was supplemented with a Power BI solution.

HR was a pioneer in applying data visualization as an extension of the system capabilities. The entire project was managed by HR, in addition to providing one-stop access provided by IT. All colleagues in the Human Resources department  needed to become tech-savvy, as a new and essential skillset within HR these days. We managed to complete successfully the app. 20% additional technical tasks the project brought us.

Why start with HR?

Initially, as part of a change process we were also faced with some resistance within the company. Some questioned the order of digitalization. Why do we start digital development with an HR software? As the system became visible and tangible, critical speakers became our biggest supporters. The digitization of the HR field has transformed the entire organization. The system offers a clear and transparent framework: we have eliminated paper-based and complex processes and created a focused, agile, and long-term HR framework and infrastructure. Results came quickly.

We implemented the modules gradually and consistently within planned timeframe, paired with appropriate messages to our employees. This approach turned out to be a key success-factor. Once we completed a module, we launched it right-away, and did not wait until the full project closure – this way our colleagues had time for user testing and adopting to the new processes. We have built a lasting solution beneficial for all users. It is important to involve the whole organization so that all functions are included in the process. The ideal team size was optimized and complementary roles were clearly defined during the implementation.

For each new module, we involved different colleagues for testing the user experience, so more and more people could have a feel for the new tool. Later, they became ambassadors for the system, helping with acceptance and usage. Some may have felt a temptation to return to the old paper or Excel-based processes, but the rest of the team convinced them to look ahead.  

Looking ahead – future plans for HR

Work does not stop here. We see many more opportunities in the existing digital environment. In addition to fine-tuning, we have recently completed the implementation of E-days, the Global Absence Management System, which is connected to Cornerstone as a plug-in.

It is also important to strengthen the flexible learning culture. One of the world’s leading learning platforms is available for all employees with wide range of learning opportunities. Everything is given to our colleagues to realize their potential and to managers to focus on one of their most important missions: developing their people.

We will strive for this culture to be embedded into our company DNA. Oximio’s HR organization’s strategic role is obvious within the company, at the same time we want to prove to employees that “care” is not just a well-sounding slogan. We deliver care: this care becomes visible every day in everything we do for our employees or for our customers. 

We have built the house, now it is time to make it a home.