Oximio is a global end-to-end logistics provider for clinical trials with over 19 years of experience in the industry.

Despite the brutal impacts on our Ukrainian founding country in the past year, this has inspired us to strive to deliver not only for the company but as ambassadors for all the voices of Ukrainian business and communities and the international partnerships and friendships that we forge.

Since the full-scale invasion, Oximio Ukraine was the first clinical trials service provider to resume operations in Ukraine in March 2022.


Driven by optimism, passion, and innovation we embarked on a journey to encompass the very best of what our strong company can provide to our clients. This has made us tougher, wiser, and more empathetic to the global market and clients we operate with.

In response to the war, we effectively and successfully implemented our business continuity plan and we can see the results were:

  1. In less than 2 months, we launched a fully operational back-up depot in the safer Western region of Ukraine. 
  2. Our own diesel storage capacities ensure a two-week supply of diesel fuel for the generator and the courier fleet.
  3. Installation of two powerful diesel generators to provide power supply for ambient premises, cold-rooms, temperature monitoring and communication systems in Krushynka in case of threatening blackouts.
  4. Two available optical internet providers and Starlink ensure the stable access to the warehouse management system and helps to keep in constant touch with our clients and clinical sites.
  5. Ongoing work of construction of a shelter to ensure our employees stay safe during air raids.

With all of this in place and in the past twelve months since the invasion we have successfully accomplished the following:

  • more than 8,000 inbound deliveries of vital goods 
  • delivered to more than 900 clinical centers in accessible regions of Ukraine. 
  • supported more than 400 projects to ensure smooth delivery of clinical trials in Ukraine.

Despite all the challenges, Oximio Ukraine continues to support clinical trials to ensure the patients have access to the valuable treatments. We acknowledge the importance of our  work to the lives of patients and global community in which we serve.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!