Georgia’s Rising Status as a European Clinical Trials Destination

With the on-going conflict in Ukraine, some clinical trial sponsors are turning their attention to other European countries to conduct their research. Georgia is rapidly emerging as a key alternative providing excellent potential for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
In recent times there has been significant investment in the country’s health system with the creation of several new facilities and programmes in addition to an increase in the number of experienced physicians.
In this article we explore the untapped benefits of Georgia as an emerging destination for multinational clinical trials in Europe.

Fast Start-up Timelines

Whilst neighbouring countries experience lengthy waits for clinical trial application reviews, in some cases up to six months, this can be awarded in a shorter two-month timeline from submission to the start of studies. A further advantage is that there is no need to obtain import licenses for IMP. Additional approval is needed for comparators and medical test systems such as urine or pregnancy tests, no need for lab kits and biosamples. 

Georgia benefits from a population of almost 4 million, offering timely patient recruitment opportunities.